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Conferences and Conventions

In addition to the leisure market, we are highly experienced in the specialized business of conference co-ordination and planning your company's corporate incentive trips. We provide you with a full corporate conference itinerary from the time you arrive until departure. Every single aspect of your stay will have been planned to the finest detail. Our most popular locations include various destinations in India. Exposure to the outdoors offers unwinding from the routine tensions and automatically nurtures a respect, even awe, for nature, and opens up minds to the need for conservation. The beautiful camp-sites act as distinct locations for meetings and conferences. Incentive tours and conferences in a natural surrounding will be a different experience, open air discussions in the forest, briefing at the lakeside, workshops on meadows facing the mountains and debates around a campfire, all provide an experience altogether different to the corporate environment. It helps in offering a more informal and productive interaction among the professionals.

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